Practice Safe Genealogy!

Practice Safe Genealogy!

This is a genealogy site

This site shows respect for living individuals

     The purpose of this site is to share what little family history I have with family members and other O'Neal researchers.

      I have not limited my research to my pedigree line. I have been trying to fill in all the family members in each line that I'm researching (an impossible task by the way). The amount of information gathered seems to grow at much greater rate than I can process it. On top of that, I inherited the O'Neall/O'Neill Genealogy website that has drained time away from this site.

     I have tried to cite a source for the information I've listed. It's up to you to decide the credibility of that source. Good or bad, the evidence I cite for given piece of data is the best I have found to date. I'm always working to improve the quality of the cited sources.

     In order to respect the privacy of the living descendents, I am limiting the family history to those family members born 100+ years ago.

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